How to optimize your career portal for Google Jobs

Many companies use an applicant management system , which is also used to maintain the career portal on the company's website. For the greatest possible reach, the job advertisements should be sent to Google for Jobs.

SEO for Jobs is the ideal addition to your applicant management system to publish your job advertisements directly and automatically on Google for Jobs .

The problem

In order for job advertisements to be listed on Google for Jobs, certain requirements must be met - the keyword here is: structured data . But even if the basic requirements are met, there are still many stumbling blocks to overcome in order to achieve an optimal result on Google for Jobs.

Examples of suboptimal results are:

  • Job advertisements are not up-to-date : filled positions can still be found, new positions are missing

  • The logo is missing or not optimized for size

  • Important information is missing - e.g. address, type of employment

  • No or poor formatting of the job advertisement

  • Incorrect link to the website

  • The " Apply to " button is not labeled as desired

For an optimal result with Google for Jobs, extensive technical interventions in the applicant management system are usually necessary - and this is usually not possible or only possible at high costs if the system is purchased or operated by external service providers.

Make your applicant management system fit for Google for Jobs - without interfering with the website

The solution

We at SEO for Jobs are a service provider specializing in Google for Jobs. With our software solution of the same name, we ensure perfect results on Google for Jobs - without interfering with your system . SEO for Jobs is therefore the ideal addition to your existing applicant management system.

SEO for Jobs acts completely in the background as an automated intermediary between your career portal and Google for Jobs. Our system benefits from direct interfaces to Google as well as from the experience of thousands of successfully listed positions.

Thats how it works

Setting up the job crawler

We will set up an individual Cralwer job specially tailored to your career portal. All we need is a link to your career portal. There are no additional costs for the setup.


After the job crawler is set up, it continuously monitors your career portal. New positions, changed positions or occupied positions are recognized directly and transmitted to our system.

Quality control

All positions are checked manually by our employees before they are transmitted to Google. Unfavorable formatting is corrected and it is ensured that all information necessary for Google for Jobs is stored.


Your prepared positions are transmitted directly to Google through special interfaces. This applies to new positions as well as changes or if an occupied position is to be removed from Google for Jobs.

Evaluation and reporting

With access to our system, you always have an overview of the status of your job advertisements. You can also see how often your job advertisements are displayed on Google for Jobs and which keywords were used to find them


Applicant management systems are often deeply anchored in the company and are difficult to adapt. SEO for Jobs offers an elegant way to make your career portal fit for Google for Jobs without any intervention:

  1. No adaptation of the website necessary

  2. Setup and go-live within 12 hours

  3. Synchronization to Google for Jobs is completely automatic

  4. Optimal results through quality assurance

  5. Candidates are directed straight to your website

  6. The use of our system is completely invisible

  7. No risk due to the monthly term and fair prices

  8. Compatible with all applicant and content management systems

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