Instructions: Set up Google for Jobs

Suddenly everyone was talking about Google for Jobs overnight and the excitement was great. Many ask the question: How do my job posting get on the Google job exchange?

You can find out how to set up Google for Jobs yourself and how you can make it easier to set it up below:

General functionality

The first thing to understand is how Google for Jobs works. Here it is the case that the job search behaves similarly to the normal Google search and Google for Jobs is practically an “extension” of the classic Google search. Similar extensions are, for example, Google Image Search, Google Shopping, Google Flights etc. These widgets extend the normal search and are tailored and developed for special purposes. These widgets are also shown in the search results when Google detects that the current visitor is looking for a flight or a new job.

As with the web search, there is no interface from which it is possible to place jobs on Google. However, this does not mean that it is still not possible to publish job ads directly to Google for Jobs via an interface .

If you don't want to use a third party, Google needs to index your job ad. For this purpose, Google visits all websites that are known to the search engine at certain intervals and analyzes them. In order for it to be recognized that the website is a job advertisement and that it can be indexed at all, certain technical requirements must be met.

Technical requirements

Since Google itself is a huge machine, certain technical requirements must be met so that a new job advertisement is recognized as such.

The basic requirement is that the job advertisement is publicly available on the web as an HTML page. Job ads that refer to a PDF or are embedded as an image, for example, cannot be indexed directly as job ads. If you only have your job advertisement as a PDF, you can use our service .

Another important point is that each job advertisement has its own unique link that can be used to access it. It should also be ensured here that the job advertisement is loaded directly into the HTML source text when the page is called up and not subsequently, for example using JavaScript / AJAX. This is the case with some plugins for Wordpress or other content management systems.

In contrast to normal website content, which can be read by Google without special measures, so-called schema data must be stored in job advertisements. This must be observed if you want to set up Google for Jobs yourself. Schema data are special markings that can be stored in the HTML source text and provide search engines with semantic information as to what the current content is about. The schema data that are relevant for job advertisements are of the “JobPosting” type. You can find an overview of all possible attributes on the website ( ).

As already mentioned, schema data is information for (search) machines so that they recognize which information is on the current page. This schema data is not visible to normal visitors. You can use our service to check whether schema data is already stored in your job advertisement.

If all of the above requirements are met, Google only has to find the new job advertisement for indexing to start. Depending on the popularity and content of the domain, this can take some time. For websites whose content does not change frequently and are not very well known, it can take several weeks for Google to visit the website again and start indexing. So that Google can find the job advertisement at all, the job advertisement must be linked at least via a link - e.g. via the menu> Career> Job Advertisements.

In summary, the following points must be observed

  1. Every job advertisement needs its own unique URL

  2. Google must be able to read the page

  3. The page must be made known to Google

  4. Scheme data of the “JobPosting” type must be stored on the page and as complete as possible

Problems and stumbling blocks

If you want to set up Google for Jobs yourself, you often have to overcome many hurdles, even if the topic initially sounds quite simple. In order not to reinvent the wheel and to clear all problems individually from the web, you can use our convenient service , which is specially tailored to Google for Jobs.


Even though Google for Jobs offers only a few options for formatting, there is no need to completely do without formatting. Many job ads in Google Job Search are unformatted blocks of text with no paragraph or outline. The reason for the lack of formatting is often the use of plugins, which generate schema data and output it on the website, but also remove any formatting. In addition, it is possible that CSS and HTML markups are used for the display on the website, which are not supported by Google.

One URL per job advertisement

Depending on how the website is programmed and which software is used to publish job advertisements on the website, it may be that not every job advertisement has its own URL. This is the case, for example, if all job advertisements are displayed one below the other on a page, or if the job advertisements are only reloaded later in the background.

Labeling of the button

As with normal web search, Google for Jobs shows suitable results for the searcher and then links to the original source for further details. The link to the Google job portal is made using blue buttons labeled "Apply to: ...". Of course, the name of the company should ideally be there. However, the schema data cannot be used to configure which text is to be displayed here. Google's complex artificial intelligence is responsible for this. This decides how the button should ideally be labeled. Unfortunately, the choice is often not as desired.


A placeholder for a logo is provided next to each entry on Google for Jobs. If Google has not yet assigned a logo to the job posting, you will see a colored square with the first letter of the company name. The logo is similar to the labeling of the button. Here too, Google AI (artificial intelligence) decides which logo is displayed. Although the logo data can be specified for the logo, this does not guarantee that the logo will always be displayed.

Up-to-dateness of the job advertisement

In order for a new job posting to be displayed on Google for Jobs, it must be indexed by Google. The principle is that so-called crawlers continuously search the Internet for new or updated pages. Since there are an extremely large number of websites on the Internet, it may take a long time before the Google Crawler crawls your website again and hopefully finds the new job. Only after the website has been crawled again and the job advertisement indexed can it also be displayed on Google for Jobs. The same applies, of course, to changes in the job advertisement or if the advertised position is already filled.

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